Vacumaster air mover
Best indoor fan out there.

Vacumaster Air Mover


Energy efficient air mover for rapid drying and cooling. The Vacmaster® Air Mover circulates air rapidly to speed up water evaporation. Drying and cooling large areas, fast. Increasing ambient air flow is proven to be more effective than heat alone at reducing drying times. The Vacmaster® Air Mover offers an effective and economical alternative to using heaters to dry wet carpets, plaster, concrete or paint. And because it doesn’t rely on heat, there’s no risk of warping, cracking or blistering. The adjustable air flow control and low operating noise makes the Air Mover perfect for use with gyms, dance studios and indoor training centres.

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The Vacmaster Air Mover is a highly efficient, portable solution for drying floors, carpets, walls and ceilings, as well as a powerful cooling system for indoor training and athletes. Adjustable airflow and directional control.

Power Supply: 220 - 240V Electric

Motor Power: 124W

Noise Level: 49dB(A)

Blower Function: 3 Angles

Cord Length: 3.6m

Dimensions (Complete Unit): H 31cm x W 24cm x D 28cm

Motor Voltage: 240V

Air Speed: 1300Rpm

Air Volume: 15 mtr³ per min

Variable Speed: 3 Settings