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We realize the importance of incorporating our unique ideas of training and exercise with science. Through our advanced assessments, testing protocols, and analysis, we utilize scientifically validated and technologically advanced methods.

Helping You Perform Better
Physiology Testing
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete is the most important tool in the practitioner's toolbox. Our testing lab produces data, which represent an example od results as they should be – valid, reliable and sensitive. With added benefit of our team knowing what do do with them.
Endurance Coaching
It does not matter how talented a person is if he does not train enough or trains too hard. To succeed you need a training plan. We offer bespoke endurance coaching to athletes of all calibers, all the way from world class athletes to a weekend warrior. We've made numerous people faster. It is time that YOU BECOME FASTER.
Sports Nutrition
Similar as a car does not go fast with an empty tank, an athlete cannot compete with empty carbohydrate stores. However, unlike in the car world, sometimes doing certain training sessions with low carbohydrate availability is the key to adaptations. Complicated? Might be for you, but it is not for us.
Female Physiology
Women have unique physiology. This requires special attention when designing training and nutrition. Most of the time this important issue is not taken seriously.

Training process consists of numerous interrelated factors and only when everything works can the optimal athletic performance be achieved. Very often coaches and athletes utilize methods that “are known” to be successful by other athletes. However, we think replicating others’ work is not always the way to go. We like the phrase of late Steve Jobs “Think Different”. Our experts will help you to evolve and modify your training process to perform best with as little training and resources as possible.

How do we do it?
Free consultation

It is mutual – you want to know us better and we want to know you better. The best way to approach this problem is to have a relaxed conversation. You ask questions and we answer. During this kind of a talk we will soon find out the best options on how we can help you to achieve your goals.



Given our strong scientific background we hate to guess. That is why we have set up our own lab where we can perform physiological testings that will help answer the questions on what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. The results will then guide us on how to optimally approach all aspects of your training regimen.



The last step of the puzzle is where we create you a structured plan.

  • Personalised training plan
  • Nutritional planning
  • Utilisation of various recovery techniques
  • Body Weight optimisation
don’t wait
Let’s discuss your questions and aims to see how we can improve your performance.

We hate to lose

Of course there is much more to be learned from losing than winning, but the feeling of being beaten despite your maximum effort is devastating. We know the feeling well, and are helping you minimize it.


We Don’t Like to Suffer

Some say laziness is mother of human progress. Of course we don’t think you could win TdF by being a couch potato, but we know that being smarter with your training and nutrition, suffering should minimal and when it happens, it should be short and with a good (scientifically proven) reason.


We like to play with data and equipment in our lab

We know we are smart, but there is a thin line between being smart and a smart ass. That is why we use common sense, backed up with right attitude and state of the art equipment.


We know sports science and we want more winners

Our team has been successfully guiding cyclist and other endurance athletes in the top 10 positions of amateur and pro races in region. Fun fact 7 out of 10 in this year’s Amateur Championship were our guys and girls. And winners look good on social media.


Women specific is the new norm

Women make this World a better place, but in sports women were and still are underappreciated. We do things diferently in our Human Performance Centre. We make sure our services are specific to women and their needs in sport. Women are handled with care and science they deserve from the start.

Best in Class
We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of everything endurance. Our results and testimonials speak for themselves.
Science Informed
We believe in science and make sure our services reflect this. The time we spent reading and also doing science is ... well ... enormous.
It is not about us. It is about you.
Our laboratory is not only used to test you. It is also there for us to experiment and develop new strategies that will result in better you.
Don’t hesitate to ask us a question if you have one.Contact us
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