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Professor asker jeukendrup once said
Proper diet can’t make an average athlete elite, but a poor diet makes and elite athlete average

And we agree 100%

Carbohydrate periodisation

We see nutrition as a very important part of the training. There are three main goals that are achieved via nutrition:
Have enough energy for training and races.
Achieve (anD maintain) optimal body weight.
Promote training adaptations.
Fuel for the work required
Proper nutrition is essential
We have to make sure that athlete eats enough, as not eating enough does not only impair performance, but can also lead to severe health problems.
Following this advice to the letter can result in eating too much, which is not desired especially in endurance sports where relatively low body mass is desired.
In addition to that, evidence is clear that having high carbohydrate availability before, during and after training sessions results in hindering the training adaptations. In other words, you can destroy most of the hard work by eating too much at certain occasions.

Sounds complicated?

It is actually not, as soon as you periodise your nutritional intake in accordance with the training sessions prescribed by your coach. We call this approach carbohydrate periodisation.


It starts by knowing a detailed training plan. This means knowing when the training session is going to take place, what it entails (e.g., 5×8 min intervals). The other important thing is to know the athlete, his weaknesses, strengths and goals. This enables our nutritionist to know exactly when energy is required and when it is not. 


Our well renowned nutritionist then creates a carbohydrate periodisation using a colour coding system that lets you immediately know how much food you have to have. 

It is as simple as a traffic light.

Red colour means – STOP, you do not need many carbohydrates and you can limit their intake.

Orange means – well, you have to listen to what your body needs. But you should not go to the extremes. It means medium.

Green means – GO, eat your carbohydrates to make sure you have energy required for undertaking the exercise bout.

Upon your preferences, we can calculate the exact amounts of carbohydrates that you are recommended to eat before each session or we can guide you by just providing you written instructions. It’s up to you.


We do not believe in creating exact diet plans. They are not sustainable in the long term and one can only eats what he likes. Therefore we encourage our clients to send us examples of what they are eating and we provide the feedback and suggest improvements. We want evolution rather than revolution.
Most simple form of carbohydrate periodisation offers bespoke recommendations for carbohydrate intake based on your training programme. Get to know when you have to ingest high amounts of carbohydrates and when intake is not necessary and not recommended. Numerous world class athletes use this strategy to plan their nutrition.
30-min Starting Consultation
Analysis of Current Nutritional Practices
Help with Food Selection
Weekly Plans based on the Training Plan
E-mail/WhatsApp contact with the nutritionist
15% discount on testing
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Advanced version of carbohydrate periodisation that includes bespoke recommendations on the amount of carbohydrates needed to be ingested on a daily basis.
1-h Starting Consultation
Weekly Plans with Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein amounts prescribed
Analysis of Current Nutritional Practices
Help with Food Selection
Weekly Plans based on the Training Plan
E-mail/WhatsApp contact with the nutritionist
1-month 30-min long Consultation in person or online if required
Exact Race Guidelines
Supplement Advice
20% discount on testing
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