Full Blown Laboratory Rats We Are.
something for everyone
That is why we offer services to anyone who needs them. Either you are a NEWBIE, just starting in the endurance sport and want some more information about your physical status or an AMATEUR wants to ease the rides, make them more fun and purposeful – we can help. We bet you can wins some race too. A PRO? We got you covered.
Full blown laboratory rats we are
Our team is a great combination of youth, expertise and few decades of sport science and coaching experience combined. Don’t let the youth part discourage your about the know-how. We really do know what we are doing. We are serious and we produce serious and visible results .
valid, reliable and sensitive testing
Our testing lab produces data, which represent an example od results as they should be – valid, reliable and sensitive. With added benefit of our team knowing what do do with them.

Test, don’t guess

Knowing the strengths and WEAKNESSES of an athlete is the most important tool in the PRACTITIONER’S toolbox.


Lactate Profiling
Lactate profiling is a foundation for understanding athlete’s physiology. It primarily serves for accurate determination of individualised training zones. The test provides us with first and second lactate thresholds.
VO2max is a classical laboratory test telling us how much oxygen an athlete can uptake per minute.
Lactate Profiling + VO2max
Combination of lactate and VO2 measurement gives us great insight in to athletes metabolism and his aerobic capacity. This shows us almost complete picture of athletes weaknesses and strengths. Test also provides us with individualised training zones.
WinGate Anaerobic Test
Testing anaerobic capacity is great to determine maximal anaerobic capabilities. It can help us with optimising high intensity anaerobic training.
VO2 Kinetics - High Intensity Training Optimisation
How fast does your aerobic system needs to kick in and take over the energy production? Knowing the kinetics of VO2 helps us determine what is the most effective high intensity training for you. Maybe you were stuck doing long intervals but what you might need is exactly the opposite.
Gives us insight in to athletes fat oxidation rates that is used in optimising low intensity training.
Body Composition
Body composition is a crucial part in optimising training process. Knowing what are the athlete’s characteristics helps us in setting up proper training and nutrition.
Power Profiling
Is a functional testing that can be done by an athlete himself. It helps us with setting basic training zones and it helps us track progress.
Critical Power
It is a functional testing for determination of a boundary between heavy and severe exercise domains. That helps us to set up basic training intensity zones.

Are you a pro?

For PRO riders we have vast range of services for the rider or their coaches. With our protocols we extract reliable data about your physical condition which will help you win more races – guaranteed.

Amateur rider?

Even if you are an ELITE who wants to stay the best in the world – we got you covered. Simon and Tim’s Ultimate test disassembles your performance status. Data we collect during testing helps us rebuild your performance form the ground up.


They are special. That is why we pay special consideration to them. We dare to say women are better. And you, my dear women, deserve a special and unique page.

Regardless of age, gender or level of athlethe we can help you become better, faster, healthier, more fulfilled and even better looking.

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