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Physiology Testing
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete is the most important tool in the practitioner's toolbox. Our testing lab produces data, which represent an example od results as they should be – valid, reliable and sensitive. With added benefit of our team knowing what do do with them.
Endurance Coaching
It does not matter how talented a person is if he does not train enough or trains too hard. To succeed you need a training plan. We offer bespoke endurance coaching to athletes of all calibers, all the way from world class athletes to a weekend warrior. We've made numerous people faster. It is time that YOU BECOME FASTER.
Sports Nutrition
Similar as a car does not go fast with an empty tank, an athlete cannot compete with empty carbohydrate stores. However, unlike in the car world, sometimes doing certain training sessions with low carbohydrate availability is the key to adaptations. Complicated? Might be for you, but it is not for us.
Female Physiology
Women have unique physiology. This requires special attention when designing training and nutrition. Most of the time this important issue is not taken seriously.
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