Our Team
Each member of the Human Performance Centre has its own role in achieving our  common goal. To make training process as effective and safe and to help you reaching your goals.
Simon Cirnski
Head Coach
Simon is not just one of the founders, he is also a cycling coach who has been interested in optimising performance since his racing years. Simon has been working with Elite, Amateur and recreational cyclist for the last five years. He specialises physiological and functional testing and in optimising training precess with the help of HRV.

Tim is a young scientist with PhD degree from the University of Birmingham, UK. His main expertise is exercise metabolism, but he is also very knowledgeable in other fields of exercise and environmental physiology. He authored numerous scientific as well as non-scientific articles. He currently works at the Jožef Stefan Institute as a post-doc researcher and as a lecturer at the University of Primorska.

Tim Podlogar PhD
Head of Science
Tina Goršek Šparovec PhD(c)

Tina is a PhD candidate at the Medical University of Graz, working in the field of gynecology. With her Masters degree in nutrition and biomedicine, intertwined with the knowledge of female and sports physiology, she is a mentor and a guide for female athletes. Recreational or professional, Tina offers you the support on nutritional level and helps you understand female athlete physiology. Together with your coach she optimizes your training according to your specific female needs in order to perform your absolute best, without compromizing your health.

Dušan is a here to take care of you. With almost a decade of experience as a practicing doctor in family and internal medicine, he gained vast experience in preventing and treating common diseases. With aquired knowledge he wants to help athletes in solving medical problems and at the same time help them stay in top performance condition.

Dušan Colarić
The Boss

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