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About Company
Hess Medical Ltd. was established in 2017 as a startup for the development of smarter healthcare solutions. Three years into running some highly competent people joined the team which marked the start of a project codenamed Human Performance Centre.

Human Performance Centre is a junction of sports science, preventive health care and honest relationship between our clients and our team with sole purpose of making you better. Yes, our core product is you. A faster, better, healthier, more good looking you.

Let’s start with WHY?
We could give you one reason, but seven is even better.
We hate to lose
Of course there is much more to be learned from losing than winning, but the feeling of being beaten despite your maximum effort is devastating. We know the feeling well, and are helping you minimize it.
We don’t like to suffer.
Some say laziness is mother of human progress. Of course we don’t think you could win TdF by being a couch potato, but we know that being smarter with your training and nutrition, suffering should minimal and when it happens, it should be short and with a good (scientifically proven) reason.
We like to play with data from our lab.
Our equipment gives us optimal mesurements and results. Additionally, being analytical is a key to being smart. But there is a thin line between being smart and a smart a**. That is why we use common sense, backed up with the right attitude, focused on your needs.
We know sports science and we want more winners.
Our team has been successfully guiding cyclist and other endurance athletes in the top 10 positions of amateur and pro races in region. Fun fact, sometimes half of the top 10 participans in amateur races are our clients. You can figure why.
Women specific is the new norm.
We do things diferently in our Human Performance Centre.Women in sports women were and still are very underappreciated. We make sure our services are speficit to women and their needs in sport. Women are handled with care and science they deserve from the start.
We would like to meet some great people.
Meeting new people, sportsmen and sportwomen; testing, planing and winning is the ultimate life booster for our team. We like doing things we do. Of course we wouldn’t mind if Primož Roglič or Tadej Pogačar came to have a look (or an Ultimate test).
Bussines is collateral.
Our main goal is a better you. We really do provide honest state of the art service which we believe in. When we succeed together we will get YOU, our future client, a nice cup of coffee and a bag of Haribo ®.

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