A must watch talk by stephen seiler
Why No Pain No Gain is not the way to go!

Professor Stephen Seiler is a world leading expert and a researcher in the field of endurance sports. In December 2019 he was invited to give a talk on one of the famous TED conferences. He spoke about exercise physiology and  the body’s remarkable capacity for adaptation. He also tells us about the “laboratories” developed by athletes and coaches since the start of the Cold War in the 1950s. The laboratory of the scientist and the laboratory of the coach/athlete come together as Professor Seiler describes his own journeys back and forth between them. By connecting the power of both, we have learned why “no pain no gain” is a slick slogan, but a fundamentally flawed approach to getting faster and fitter over time. Stephen Seiler has spent years studying the training habits of great endurance athletes. What he discovered has shattered the myths he grew up with in the US. Let him tell you why going “green” is also important for building endurance sustainably.

We are happy to let you know that our team member Dr Tim Podlogar has contributed to this talk by providing Professor Seiler photos and data from the lab.

Enjoy watching the talk!

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